eNews | Fri 11th Sept ’20

Dear e-News friends and church members,


These two words were spoken by Jesus on several occasions, such as to Jairus when the messengers told him not to bother Jesus any more for it was too late for his daughter. Jesus said ‘only believe.’
But only believing is harder said than done because all too often we want to add in our input and effort to help God out.
The most important question Jesus ever answered was this one:
What is the work that God requires?’  To which He replied believe.
We want to feel like we have to work for our salvation or work to make God any promise He has made us.
Only Believe!!

Maybe you are facing a challenge and God says to you only believe.

You don’t want to miss the word this weekend as we explore this concept.

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Connect in with others in friendship houses if you can.
Also, from this week, we start telling real-life stories of God interventions.

We still need helpers and volunteers in several key areas, plus watch out for these amazing key moments coming up including
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And DESTINY COLLEGE is getting ready for another year, there’s a seat with your name on it.

We love you guys.

God bless,