Growth Groups

Growth Groups are our mid-week small groups that meet in different venues all over the region.

Growth Groups are:
• A place for ongoing learning and discipleship.
• A place for everyone to be loved, cared for and looked out for.
• A safe place to bring friends with questions about the Christian life.
• A place we do life with each other, have fun, pray and look at the Bible together.

Being part of a Growth Group means no matter how big the church becomes someone will always notice you, pray for you and look out for you.

“So let us concentrate on things which make for harmony among us and on the growth of our fellowship together”. (Romans 14:19)

Get together regularly.
Relate well with God and with each other.
Outreach to our families, friends and communities.
Wait on God: prayer, breaking bread, spiritual gifts.
Teaching: studying together and applying God’s Word to our lives.
Help anyone we can as often as we can.

Find yours today! Or try a few to find the one that feels the best fit for you and your lifestyle. You can find your nearest group below:

Growth Groups Map

Growth Group List

To find out more contact the church office: Phone 0141 616 6777; Email