Happy Easter

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

Happy Easter

We have had a most remarkable few weeks as we have taken
a new series of healing meetings into our community.
Hundreds of people have attended, almost a hundred responses to the gospel, and dozens of significant healings taking place.

The ‘Make It In March’ campaign is already providing for thousands to be saved. A big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has stepped up by faith into increased giving for this harvest time.

It’s been a joy to see evangelists Ivan Squillino, Chris Bailey and Marilyn Harry, work with such faith amongst our local staff and volunteer teams here.
This is the first wave of regional evangelism with another one coming right along.

We have mission teams coming into to help us from ORU and other places.
Let’s leave no stone unturned as we reach for souls.
Remember our core value?

We will try anything, go anywhere to reach people for Christ

Today is Good Friday, a day when the greatest act of love ever shown to man was outworked in a day now past, but it’s shaken eternity whilst changing the present for so many people. Jesus died for us when we were a million miles from God.

Tonight we have a very special communion service, we are coming to celebrate all that Jesus instigated.
For me, I’m coming just to say thank you.

We then have Sam Childers aka ‘The Machine Gun Preacher’ with us over the weekend in various venues, his story was made famous through the brilliant Gerard Butler movie. Be sure to keep inviting – keep calling – keep texting – keep tweeting as many people as you can to come.

Not only is God calling people into his family, He’s calling them into His army, come on let’s sign up and step into action.
Do you recollect the things we taught on ‘Church Militant’ recently?
The most quoted Old Testament verse within the New Testament is:

‘Sit here at my right hand whilst I make your enemies your footstool ‘
Psalm 110:1

The fight for souls is on, the victory is assured, the grave is empty, the throne is occupied, and there is a world within reach.

Love you guys,

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