A new Prime Minister

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

TONIGHT – Surge Servers BBQ party

We are living in a very exciting and challenging day.
Here in the UK we have a new government breaking a desperate deadlock in the nation.
Whatever your politics, we as Christians should be more hopeful, in that in policy at least, this cabinet will be more family/church/faith friendly.

We must pray for them and our PM.

Especially for the huge challenges concerning the indoctrination of our youngest kids with transgender ideology – that is bigger than Brexit!
A desperate social experiment is being carried out in the name of inclusion and its effects are already disastrous with a 50% rise reported in mental illness amongst under 10 year olds.

We as Christians need to PRAY up and SPEAK up.
We are taught and shown that a core value of our faith is love, so our hearts are open to all and any regardless of their creed/politics/sexual orientation.
We pray especially for parents with young kids and all those working in education.

Tonight we look forward to welcoming all the SURGE volunteers to our home for a BBQ party. (Contact admin@surgeconference.com if you served at Surge and need more details)

Sunday’s coming – can’t wait to share the next chapter of BREAKTHROUGH IS COMING. You can catch up here:

Love you guys,

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