Destiny Legacy

Legacy is the big statement that your life will make.

Whilst it yet remains future, the present really matters for those individuals who dare to change their world and their environment through selfless humility, generosity or significant achievements!

Many famous people have streets named after them (Martin Luther King) or are silently remembered (Henrietta Mears) years after they have died because they chose to make a meaningful contribution.

Destiny Legacy is a starting point into that great day in the future, and it’s our aim to involve everyone in all areas of life.

We call it the 7 pillars of society:

  1. Church/ religion
  2. Family
  3. Business
  4. Education
  5. Government
  6. Media
  7. Arts, entertainment and sports

Destiny Legacy aims to host significant events, provide mentoring opportunities, encouraging support and inspirational ideas. Its purpose is to create a community that connects all areas of life in a relaxed, enjoyable environment. Whilst Destiny Legacy is a Christian based community, it is open to all cultures and traditions.
Whilst we all have different jobs, beliefs and aspirations in life, we are all effected by the same environment, challenges and circumstances as are our children.