Day 7 | Make It In March

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

Day 7
‘I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears’
Psalm 34:4Thank you for participating and pressing through with us in prayer and fasting this week. Nothing will be the same again!
Every single prayer is important to God, so important that Revelation tells us that He collects them up and that they are like incense to Him.

We are now expecting souls savedincluding our own family members.

The season of Healing Meetings and Evangelism kicks off this week, and today is both the final day for Early Bird preferential bookings for Surge (so make sure your booking is in).

It is also our moment to step into Make It In March.
This is vitally important especially for those how made the bold statement count me in!  We are reaching for a fully involved tithing community as a Church. We are reaching for a fully involved serving community. All of us using our God given gifts and talents for the Kingdoms sake.

This word delivered from our key thought today is a very powerful word.
It can mean:

  • recover
  •  rescue
  • take out
  • and/or snatch away. 
And we read that God gets to work on ALL my fears, even the ones I didn’t pray about or even fully realise were there.
You won’t
 be the same, we won’t be the same, we came into this week at one level and we are already moving on at a new level.I’m in particular expecting 2 things, if ‘deliver’ means recover, I’m looking for all those who once walked with God but now don’t – to be recovered. I’m looking forward to simply saying to them, ‘welcome home’, without them needing to feel embarrassed or explain a thing concerning their absence.

If this verse means what it says, a deliverance from ALL fears, I’m expecting those who really wanted to tithe/give or serve, bt were afraid to do so, will find themselves with joy, peace and confidence stepping up and trusting God.

What are you expecting? 

Today is a very special day, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, to all our Mums and Spiritual Mums. May you be abundantly blessed and spoiled by those around you.

Look forward to seeing soon.

Love you guys,


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