Make It In March // Destiny United

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members and ‘Count Me In’ family, 

Make It In March
Destiny United // 1st Sunday 
3rd March
Sir Brian Souter
Our direction of travel is positive, our aim strong and the empowering grace of God is with us. And as we now so often say when speaking of our values:
We resist small thinking and small living, we do not want to limit God.
Since we started the year with our Vision Sunday, lots of work has been going on behind the scenes:
– The District Pastors have been appointed.
– These in turn have appointed ‘right hand leaders’, so we have an army of Assistant District Pastors.
– All our amazing Growth Group leaders have been working hard doing the same, so we also have an army of ‘right hand growth group leaders’.
– Then, Deacons are emerging, with Pete and Sara Copeland leading the way.
– Our Finance and Admin Team have been strengthening all things important that makes the church run.
– Ivan has been building a strong intercessors team of prayer warriors.
– We have run our first ever Financial MOT coursewith so many reporting back on how it’s helped them.
– The Worship Team are numerically bigger and growing daily in their gifts and abilities.
– Our Media Team have revamped Destiny Insights, reworked the Website, refocused our social media, launched our podcasts, and about to release a unique Destiny App.
– And we have lots of stories already coming in from the Make every Friday a Good Friday challenge.
– And right across the church there is an up for it outlook.

All of this is intended to reach for the biggest harvest of souls saved that we have ever seen. These steps are getting us ready to reach out, love our region and expect great things from our awesome God.
So, here we are in March, which we’ve called Make It In March.
Recollecting our Vision Sundays, we took time to explain, that if we are serious about our calling, vision and mandate, we need everyone on board.
We are asking our entire church community, every single person, to step up this month.
We need everyone to bring in their tithes and offerings.
We have just been teaching on “ONE Lord”, so let’s honour Jesus as such. Let’s do what His Word teaches and expect then what His Word promises. Tithing is the only place in scripture where we are positively encouraged to try it and see.
So, a big thank you to all those regular tithers, and a big encouragement to those who want to try it and see, I promise you God does not lie, or break His promises, He will:
– Rebuke the devourer on your life
– Open the windows of heaven so that you don’t have enough room for the blessing that comes
(Malachi 3:10-12)

But we are also asking all of us who are tithing and giving, (that’s me included), to also step up this month. Can we increase our giving by 25%?
Our tithe is the first tenth of our incoming resource, but our offerings are our heartfelt free will giving. It’s within this that we need to stretch our faith.
Sometimes we say, ‘it’s not equal giving, but it is equal sacrifice’. We don’t all have the same resource, but we can all stretch our faith.
Plans are being made for a big evangelistic push into the region, with a new series of Healing Meetings, Destiny United becoming mobile and on the road, and special guest speakers booked who can help us in this task.

This includes THIS SUNDAY:

We have Sir Brian Souter speaking for us. Please not only come, but use this very special moment to bring someone, especially people in business, and maybe your boss at work, or people that you buy from or do business with.
Sir Brian:
– Is very well known in Scotland, being the founder and owner of Stage Coach buses, and majority owner of Virgin Trains.
– He is a brilliant communicator.
– He loves the lost and wants them saved.
– He is hugely passionate about the local church, and he and his wife run a growth group every week in their home.

Make it in March is here, I know that God loves it when we step out in faith, in fact there is nothing that pleases Him more.

See you Sunday night!
We love you guys,

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