Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members and ‘Count Me In’ partners, 


‘The Power of ONE’ kicked off to a full house at 1st Sunday // Destiny United this last week as we considered the power of one baptism. Noting Paul’s comments in Ephesians 4 about one baptism and Jesus’ passionate prayer that they may be one, we then reflected on a very unique point of interest that John makes in his gospel. He alone names the place where John the Baptist started baptising being the same place where Jesus Himself was baptised. By being forensic with the Word, we saw that this place had a special history, a history that unpacks the full meaning of baptism and unpacks our new word ONE-TED.

4 things happened here:

  • The Israelites crossed over into the promised land. Baptism is a personal declaration that we to wish to press into all that God has for us. Or in the words of one of our values We are up for it! We will be audacious with our faith.
  • Moses had a show down with 2 1/2 tribes. These said at first that they would not cross into the promised land since life was good this side of the Jordan. They were very comfortable and very busy with their own lives. Moses was deeply disturbed by these comments in that no army (or church) can afford to have 1/6 of its troops non-involving. They relented and involved, but with a final word of warning from Moses, be sure that your sins will find you out if you do not involve. ONE-TED means we all engage at every point and that we all walk in another of our values we are spiritual contributors.
  • Fiery chariots and whirlwinds left a double anointing on Elisha as Elijah was taken up into heaven. Elisha then parted the Jordan river at exactly this point by the power of God. Elisha went on to perform double the miracles Elijah had performed. Remember what Jesus said? Greater things shall you do. We are reaching for powerful miracles this year as we all start a series of healing meetings and outreaches. We have another value We know the Holy Spirit is present to do today what He did before.
  • And finally, Gideon with his valiant men defeated the Midianite Kings at this place. And so ending years of no harvest and tyranny. Baptism leads to ONE-TED people. People so one with Jesus that we are one with His cause and walking as one in His victory.

The Power of ONE continues this weekend and we have water baptisms. We applaud those going for it – let’s fully support them. You can still sign up for it if you wish to be baptised.

Points for prayer:

  • Our team as they left for India this week (Ivan, Peter, Dave, and Becky)
  • The new District Pastors that we set in last week
  • For the upcoming month of March we are calling it make it in March as we ask everyone that is a 100% church tithing and then those of us who are to increase our giving by 25%. All of this to fuel our outreach and mission into the city and beyond
  • Make every Friday a good Friday as we reach out to build relationships with people in our community.
  • Praying that every location experiences anointed – powerful – joy-filled times this weekend

We are a ONE-TED people.

Love you guys,

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