A statement from Destiny

We are shocked and appalled by the recent article in the Times Scottish edition created by Marc Horne and Magnus Llewellin. As far as we are aware there is no basis or foundation to any of their allegations. Most of Horne’s claims are made under the cloak of anonymous people or fake and fabricated names.

The heading of the article, with photo leads people to think that these sensational headlines were made by Destiny/Andrew Owen, but when you read further Horne/Llewellin disclose that these comments were allegedly made by an American Preacher Mark Driscoll. Mark Driscoll visited Destiny 16 years ago on just one occasion. Andrew Owen and Destiny made clear statements at the time that they disagreed with Mark Driscoll’s comments and found them highly inappropriate. Mark Driscoll has no connection with Destiny or any of its associated ministries.

We find the whole article and allegations made by Horne/ Llewellin repulsive, contrary to all decency and propriety.

Contrary to Horne/Llewellin’s assertions, we have not heard from OSCR (office of Scottish charity regulator) of any investigation that they are making. Should OSCR wish to make any enquiry we would willingly participate.

If, as Horne/Llewellin allege, their claims are made by former members of Destiny churches or Christians in other places we would encourage such people to follow biblical teaching on resolving conflict. We think it deeply regrettable when Christians engage in public disagreement through the media. We believe that this will cause damage to the amazing gospel of Jesus Christ.

We would be the first to acknowledge that we are far from perfect and live constantly dependant on the grace of God. As all our members know, our Christian community is built on the foundations of grace, where room is given for all knowing that they are imperfect, can move forward by this grace one day at a time.

We will not engage in ‘cross on cross’ public argument and will not speak derogatory of any other church or respond publicly to any criticism they or their leaders may make of us.

The Times called this an ‘investigation’, yet despite inviting Mark Horne on several occasions to come and meet with us and ask any questions he so chooses, he has rejected that opportunity on each and every occasion. To date, neither Andrew Owen or anyone within the Destiny organisation has been interviewed by Horne.

Thank you to so many people who have written in from outside the Destiny family with your offers of love prayer and support. Thank you also to those who have told us that you have written to the Scottish editor Magnus Llewellin. We pray for these employees of the Times, and for peace for all churches that own the name of Jesus. May God be glorified through the largest harvest of souls ever.

Please write to: connect@destiny-church.com  for any further information.


Destiny Church Trust board of Trustees, Destiny Ministries Board of Trustees, External Advisory Board.