Surge update and response to Times article

The new Times article – A Destiny Response | Sunday 1st July ’18

I am writing, for those interested, a further response to Marc Horne’s article published Saturday 30th June.

We have no issue with anyone critiquing our activities or views or taking a different position to the ones we hold and value. But in this case, it’s like a film critic critiquing a different movie to the one we watched. I don’t recognise the Surge event as described in the Times. Once again, the article is full of inaccurate statements and fake news.

Here are some things I would like to point out in reply.

We cannot be a ‘sect’ and a ‘fundamentalist Pentecostal group’ at one and the same time. According to any dictionary the terms are contradictory.

A sect is defined as a group that holds unorthodox views often considered heresy, and a fundamentalist is one who holds fundamental orthodox views passionately.

We define ourselves as a contemporary apostolic movement, holding the Bible to be our final authority on all matters. We are convinced that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, sent as the Saviour of this world, and He is still doing what He always did, which includes healing the sick.

Marc Horne has not spoken at any time to any spokesperson representing Destiny, but I’m very happy to meet him, and answer any intelligent questions he might have.

Then we wish to make clear, that neither John Mellor, or any pastor present at the Surge event ever claim to be able to heal anyone. But we do claim that Jesus Christ can, and so we offer to pray for people in His name. If they’re healed – Jesus did it!

This reporter seems to think, that only unthinking people would be ‘duped’ into attending such an event as Surge. But in reality, we have very many people who work in the NHS. Present at the Surge event over the weekend, were doctors, nurses, GP’s, consultants, surgeons and an eminent cardiologist from Romania. Plus, pharmacists, police officers, paramedics, teachers and many others from all walks of life making up the 2000 people.

We are as yet to receive the ‘rebuke’, or ‘accusation’ from the reputable organisations mentioned in the article, I think Marc Horne is having a one-sided conversation with himself. Or doing what he did with the other churches mentioned in the last article, sending them an emailed fake report to provoke an urgent reaction.

We always use common sense when people claim they have been healed. We encourage them to go back to their medics and check it out.

Only this week I spoke to one young lady who came to Surge in much pain, with crutches and a plaster cast over a badly broken leg. Having been prayed for at the event, she went back to the hospital on Monday, had the cast removed, sent the crutches back and was pain free. They insisted that she wear an ankle support just in case and asked her to come back again in a few weeks for another check-up. The new x-ray taken on Monday showed there to be a small hairline crack still present in her bone and they could not believe that this young lady was not in agony. But she’s back driving and doing all the things she would normally do.

I am interested in hearing from others who had a healing experience over the Surge weekend, send me your story (

The primary purpose of the Surge conference was to encourage the Church, empower its members, and advance the cause of Christ and the Christian faith.

Whilst doing all of this, we do what we always do, we offer prayer for any who needs it, including the sick. And we invite people to commit their lives to Christ, and in so doing find themselves not only living for a great purpose but energised by a great cause.

As someone once said, people today have so much to live with, but nothing to live for.

That can all change – there is hope, there is an answer.

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Surge update and response to Times article | Thursday 28th June ’18

We were delighted to host the Surge18 conference in Edinburgh this last week, with a fantastic turn-out and significant results. Many people’s lives were positively impacted by the life-changing message and power of Jesus Christ.

This event was remarkable in that over 20 different churches participated as well as the Destiny network of churches, showing such a great spirit of unity.

Regrettably, the Times newspaper decided to run a ‘fake news’ report, despite being told their facts were untrue and widely inaccurate before print. They fabricated facts on finances and quotes attributed to individuals that have no substance or were taken out of their context.

The 2,000 delegates present would find the Times report unrecognisable as a true representation of the event.

The Times article by reporter Marc Horne is a direct attack on our core beliefs, values and faith. In particular, it is an attack on young people who are enjoying creating church with rock gospel music and contemporary twists on an old unchanging message. His mocking of the worship style will be found distasteful by thousands of youngsters in this country.

The Church of Scotland and Episcopalian church responded to the reporter Marc Horne’s comments before speaking to anyone at Destiny or listening to or hearing actual talks given. We paid for and hired both venues (since the Usher Hall wasn’t big enough to hold us), at their going rates, and complied with all their rental obligations.

All the staff at the Usher Hall and Sheraton Hotel were outstanding.

The primary focus of this conference was to equip, empower and encourage the Christian faith and Christian church in our nation. But we can also report that dozens of people claim to have been totally healed over the weekend and many others say their condition is significantly improved. Others came to a real faith and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

At this moment of writing, we have had no further enquiry from any other newspapers, although we are seeing that other newspapers are already ‘cutting and pasting’ the fake news report from the Times.

We were honoured to have had John Mellor, Rick Godwin and Yinka Oyekan amongst our speakers.

All of whom we would have again.

We can say as far as this conference is concerned ‘mission accomplished’, there is a Surge of life, and a groundswell of people rising again in our nation.

We are so pleased to report that churches are growing, largely represented by our younger generation.

The average age of attendees at the Surge conference was under 35, and hundreds of teenagers were filled with hope for their future as they had their own special events within the Surge moment.

This is a movement largely of younger people, recreating church applicable to their own culture.

It is our joy and privilege to cheer them on.

The full recordings of all meetings at the conference will be available shortly to purchase online for those who wish to grow, learn and discover the actual truth on that which was said. These will be made available free of charge for those who served at the event and helped make it such a success. It is also free for our teenagers.

We would be delighted to speak with or pray for anyone who is reaching out (

There is hope – there is an answer.


Andrew Owen

Founder, Destiny Ministries


Please contact us at for further press enquiries.

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