Surge19 | e-News

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

A huge big thank you to all our amazing staff and outstanding volunteers who made Surge ’19 such a significant time. So many people have passed on messages of appreciation and thanks.

 We also want to congratulate again the number of students commissioned from Destiny College. It was such a sight to see that huge stage filled from one end to the other.

 I’m also hearing that our kids and youth had a blast.

 I also want to thank all the Destiny Church Pastors who worked hard to bring people and financially contributed to the overall budget. Without your faith and faithfulness it wouldn’t have happened.

 God has been so good to us as we press in to our mandate for the nations.

Although we are now into our holiday season, we are still pressing ahead with missions teams visiting from Canada, Hope and Healing Meetings planned around the region and new groups and initiatives launching.

This includes the brand new School of the Holy Spirit starting at Destiny college this Autumn. Get all the latest details here.

 Can’t wait to share on Sunday the next part in our series, ‘Breakthrough Is Coming.’

Love you guys,