Surge19 | Prayer & Fasting Day 1

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 


Today many of us start a 7 or 10 day fast, leading up to this all-important moment, and we invite you, our church family, to join in with some or all of it with us.
So, every other day I will be sending out an eNews, not wanting to clutter up your inbox, and keep it focused and relevant.

My Bible verse for today is this:

He who keeps a royal command experiences no trouble, for a wise heart knows the proper time and procedure.
For there is a proper time and procedure for every delight.
Ecclesiastes 8:5-6 NASB

Think on time and procedure.

Some people are always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Could you imagine having been invited by the 120 to wait with them for the Holy Spirit, and then you decided to take a weekend break on the day it happened? The Holy Spirit falls, and you’re at the shopping mall. History was being made, and you’re buying things that will be forgotten in no time at all.
This moment is that important for us.

Then again, I’m sure that there were lots of meetings and events going on in Jerusalem at the exact same time, it was religious conference season, but none of them mattered like this one mattered.
If you are journeying with us – you need to be at this event.

I listened to a news report just yesterday of an official inquiry into a tragic death of a young man in an accident, the report said, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Missing some things can end up diverting the course of your life in the complete wrong direction.
Let’s get in on what God is doing right here right now!

I’m struck with this word ‘Procedure’. You can be entitled to many things, including your own money in your own bank account, but if you don’t know the proper procedures you will never access it. Worse still, you can lose it or squander it, as over a thousand steel workers lost a fortune in their pensions recently in South Wales. They didn’t follow advised safe investment procedures and withdrew their pension pots and invested it with rogue organisations. My father used to work at that plant, and everyone in it has the highest safety procedure standards due to the dangerous working conditions. Yet when it came to investing, they didn’t heed ‘safety first’ procedures, and lost their entire life savings.

God’s procedures include hearing the kings command, just like the above verse says. We live by His word, we want to hear His word, and we give time to receive His word.
It includes prioritising. Jesus Himself taught us that we should seek first His kingdom, be where He wants us to be, do what He wants us to do.
Procedures include Praying into things. We are not just hosting an event we are taking territories, breaking ground, and as our intercessors team will recently tell you, the enemy will not give up that ground easily.
So please pray with me and them today.
Pray for all the financial provision to come in today to make this moment happen.
Pray for protection over all who are coming – including all the speakers.
Pray for the venue and all the facilities. (Last time we were there for a Destiny United they had a power cut and the centre management told us we couldn’t come in. Our set up team prayed on the spot, and took authority, and in the same instance the power came back on!!)

God hears when we pray! So, go ahead and let those prayers be heard!

Love you guys,


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