Surge19 | Prayer & Fasting Day 5

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

That one thing that counts

We read,

Fight neither with small nor great, save only with the King of Israel
1 Kings 22:31

The prophet told King Ahab, who was the King of Israel not to go into battle, for if he did, he would surely die.
But the false prophet told him victory was assured.
Ahab thought he would be cautious and clever and go into the battle in full disguise.

Meanwhile in the enemy camp, the generals were ordered not to focus on the small and insignificant but only to target King Ahab himself. And they did just as ordered.

In the heat of the battle they went for the royal chariot, and at the last moment realised it was not the King, it was a decoy in disguise.

But a random arrow, shot by a random archer found its way to the real Ahab and struck him, leaving him to die soon after.

Ahab was a rebellious wicked King, God asked him to do one thing, and he didn’t do it.
The enemy generals were asked to do one thing, and they failed in their mission, but the story shows that the will of God as prophesied through the true prophet prevailed.

Right now, we as a people have one thing to focus on, let’s be together at Surge 19, make it the best moment ever, come with hearts ready to hear, voices ready to worship and faith ready to move. We ALL have just this one thing to do.

And we should also remember that the enemy will also send out a message to his diabolical generals – target what God thinks important. So, prayer and fasting is so important right now.

Please pray with us today in particular for finances.
We need a significant sum of money this week. These events are a huge step of faith.

We as an apostolic team are convinced that this is a God idea not a good idea, and so we are actually doing right now what this enews suggests – the one thing that counts in the moment. Please – do it with us.

Casey Treat told me yesterday that he can’t wait to be here and carrying a message for us.

Be a part of the financial solution – pray for God’s abundant breakthrough, and if you feel so led, give with us. You can send a gift to the link below.

Give Today

Then, why not still extend an invite to your friends to join us – they will be blessed beyond measure, AND Sunday morning it’s open for all, get those other unchurched or Christian friends to join us at the amazing Armadillo venue with a thousand plus worshipping together. It will be day of healing and a day of salvation.

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Pray for all the amazing teams as they prepare.

None of us are the same or even the same size after these moments, we grow!
We grow from our serving, we grow from our fellowship, we grow from the Word.

Look forward to seeing you there,


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