Surge19 | Prayer & Fasting Day 8

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

You too!
Day 8 – Prayer & Fasting for Surge and Breakthroughs


…So that you too might have fellowship with us…
1 John 1:3


Here we are at Surge-eve, and we are so looking forward to an amazing 48 hours together. I love this verse from my reading today:
“…so that you might have fellowship with us…”
And there sums up the reason why Surge is happening, that you too, and many others might have fellowship with us. Together in one place at one time. This verse fills out that in our fellowship we should know and expect that our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ. God himself loves these moments, a moment when we leave earthly distractions aside, and focus in on Him and on His Word. In so doing, anything can happen so come expecting.We will be announcing a launch of a new initiative this weekend, the Destiny Network, a new opportunity for other churches and other pastors out-with the Destiny family. They will now be able to become a part of something significant, relational and encouraging, finding the all-important pier relationships and accountability.
We want to say to all the pastors and churches out there, you too, we would love for you to have fellowship with us.
  • Please pray for all those traveling in from India, Hong Kong, USA, Taiwan, Germany, Prague and many other places, including the UK.
  • Pray for the kids and youth, that this will be a special time for them.
  • Pray for all the tech and media teams and pray for God to have His way in all of it.

The Destiny College students are looking forward to their very special commissioning Sunday afternoon, so make sure you are there for that and don’t miss it. It will be amazing.

Please pray for the ongoing finances, and a big thank you to those who have given towards this all-important event. If you feel led to help and support, you can give here.

Look forward to seeing you there!Andrew

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