The Power of ONE

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members and ‘Count Me In’ partners, 

The Power of ONE

Already we are hugely encouraged by the impact of this new series. We are learning and discovering that:
  • ONE person dedicated to a great cause can make a big difference
  • ONE church and people moving their faith together can bring down walls like Jericho.
  • ONE is the biggest and most passionate desire of Jesus Himself, in that it was the last thing He taught the disciples before He was arrested, tried by Pilate and crucified on the cross. It was one of the last known prayers that He prayed: “that they might be one Father, even as we are one.”
We’ve coined a new word to underline the importance of this message: ONE-TED
We are familiar with atonement, the dynamic doctrine that teaches that Jesus was the Lamb of God taking away the sins of the world – including mine. My old pastor would tell me that atonement results in at-one-ment. We have been made at one with God, all hostilities are over, judgement has passed and I’m free and blessed.
Jesus wants us to not only know that, but live it, by practical, down to earth, walking-it-out-together. We read:You can develop a healthy robust community that lives right with God and enjoy its results only if you do the hard work of getting along with each other, treating each other with dignity and honour
James 3:18 MSG

We hold dear as one of our core values:

I won’t expect others to do what I should be doing

There are 2 things we can do this weekend to play our part.

INDIA is calling
Please watch this fresh video message all the way from India as our team visit:

And this weekend we have a special guest in Glasgow, the one and only Ray Bevan.
Ray is an outstanding communicator and it would be just be fantastic if we could bring a friend, a guest, a colleague or a family member to hear him, especially tomorrow night at our City Location 5pm.
I’m looking forwards to being with our Destiny Edinburgh Family tomorrow night, for a night of healing and miracles.

We also welcome Emily Martin at some of our locations tomorrow. Emily works for TBN and will take a few moments to tell us all that is happening there with our strategic partners.

Look forward to seeing you guys.

God bless,


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