The Power of ONE

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members and ‘Count Me In’ partners, 

The Power of ONE

‘Take on the impossible’ said Peter Pretorius at a staff day he and Ann took for us just last year, and they for sure did just that.
Peter’s new book telling of his remarkable life called ‘Death Defying Faith’ is now out and we are selling copies as our ‘book of the month’ with profits going to JAM, it’s a compelling must read.
Peter has since gone home to be with Jesus, and we miss him every day, but his life is a fantastic example of the title to our new teaching series starting this week – The Power of One.
If one life steps forward, there is no limit to that which God can do through it.

If one church steps forward, then there is definitely no limits to the reach of it’s ministry.
The power is then multiplied dramatically when such people move AS one, a quality that is so in tune with God the trinity, where Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one that God cannot help but command blessing where He sees it.
Not only are we teaching on some powerful revelation, but we are committing to do several things together in this next season.
Which are:

1st Sunday // Destiny United
We are refocusing 1st Sunday’s to be our Destiny United’s, a moment when we all come together as one.
And we are taking several of them out on the road , a grand tour of Glasgow and wider region. Hitting spots where we want to see churches planted and grow and using the moment to evangelise like crazy.
One of our key values is:
‘We will try anything – go anywhere to see people saved, and then celebrate when they respond 
This Sunday is 1st Sunday // Destiny United, and we will be in our Southside location at 5.00pm.
An important night in that we are setting in a whole new leadership structure – our district pastors, AND we will be praying for some of our team who are going to India.

1st Sunday - Destiny United - LIVE

Make every Friday a Good Friday
We are asking that all of us commit to some act of random kindness on Fridays leading up to a big outreach at Easter. Already many are reporting back on amazing conversations, divine appointments and happy moments as some random stranger is on the receiving end of your kindness, no strings attached, simply being ready to say why we would want to do that and give an account of the hope within us.

Make it in March
We have set out with a sizeable financial goal for the year ahead, an impossible budget UNLESS we all get involved.

Having outlined our dream and vision for the year, and talked of the many souls we want to see saved, we then costed out such a harvest. There’s a big gap between what we have and what we need. But here’s the remarkable thing – we would have no gap at all AND even surplus if we all tithed and brought our offerings.
So, Make it in March is our challenge to ourselves to make it happen in March.
Could every last one of us tithe our income even if we have never taken that step before? God actually challenges us in Malachi to try it and see, put Him to the test. Watch and see the effect it will have on your life, an open heaven and poured out blessings.
Further, we are asking all of us who already tithe and bring offerings to increase our giving by 25% in that month.

Some people have honestly shared with us that they do want to take these steps but feel unable because their finances are in a muddle.
Therefore, Daniel and Pete are running a fantastic short course called ‘Your financial MOT – Money On Track’.
Practical, faith filled and inspiring – it’s just got to help you get ready to participate in ‘Make it in March’.

We have so much planned for the year ahead, great speakers booked and high hopes for a big harvest.

Let’s do it as ONE.

Love you guys, see you on the weekend.


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