Thy Kingdom Come – Day 1

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

Day 1
Thy Kingdom Come

Today we join in a global initiative of prayer.
Millions around the world are praying together.
Today is Ascension day, the day that marks Jesus’ return to heaven. In that moment we learn some very important things:

– He’s coming back! The angel told the watching disciples ‘this same Jesus will return’
Jesus has commissioned us in the meantime to change our world, bring in His Kingdom.

– The disciples were instructed to wait for the promise of the Holy Spirit. We are globally praying together for 10 days – up to Pentecost Sunday.

– Jesus is now sitting on a throne in heaven to hear our prayers on earth and release salvation, power and change.

Please listen to this podcast – an excellent 5min message from Tom Wright:

Today we are all praying for 5 named individuals, that they:

– Find Jesus
– Come back to Him and the church family
– That God’s Kingdom of love and life will free them from the problems/challenges or trouble they are in

If 1,000 of us prayed for 5 people today, that’s 5,000 lives impacted – and millions across the world are involved.

Which 5 people are you praying for?

Don’t miss our very special Destiny United this Sunday night with special guest John Mellor.

Invite your friends along.

God bless,

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