Thy Kingdom Come – Day 10

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

Day 10
Thy Kingdom Come

Have you ever had to wait for something or someone? I’m sure we all have.
The doctor or dentist to see you, your partner to return from the shops, the bus, plane or train.
We kind of go through a routine in that moment I think? Maybe read everything that’s posted on the walls, then several glances at our watch, perhaps we go one more time into our social media, or as I often do, watch people. Asking and wondering who are they? Where are they going? What’s on their mind?
If the wait becomes a delay, we start wondering and asking, is my spouse coming? Will that plane ever depart? Will we get there?

The ten days between Ascension and Pentecost was a long wait. I don’t think those early disciples had made the connection, which is obvious to us who now read the Bible. Of course the Holy Spirit would come on ‘Pentecost‘, a feast and celebration celebrated for thousands of years in the Jewish calendar, and we get to go and read into those massively significant words and “when the day of Pentecost had fully come they were all together with one accord”.

But this was the day before, and they were still waiting.
Waiting is important in our spiritual journey for lots of reasons.

Firstly, God is never late, and He had planned the Pentecost moment from the very beginning, signalling its coming through prophets and signs. “Your sons and daughters shall prophecy”, said Joel.

Secondly, when the Bible speaks about waiting or waiting on the Lord, it never means or intends for us just to wait watching the clock.
But to tune in, perhaps by silently reflecting or mulling over the scriptures and thoughts. Maybe reflecting on the last thing God said to you. It’s in these moments that adjustments are made in us, new ideas come or a startling sense of clarity. I can confirm that in these moments I hear God’s voice the clearest, and consequently find faith for the next step.
The Holy Spirit wasn’t just coming, dropping on them like a stone. We learn over and over that the Holy Spirit has to be received by us. By faith, with hunger and desire.
Listen to Tom Wright’s short message on ‘silence’, but get a few moments yourself:


What’s God saying to you?
What’s He getting you ready for?

Then pray, please pray, for our upcoming very important moment the Surge Conference. Ask yourself ‘Who can I invite?’, ‘Who does God want there?’.
The whole course of my life changed forever when a friend brought me to a conference just like this one.

Praying for you too!

God bless,

Day 10 #Silence
Community of St Anselm members for 2018-19 reflect on what silent prayers mean to them

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