Thy Kingdom Come – Day 2

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

Day 2
Thy Kingdom Come

If there’s any God-life inside us at all – it will mean that we are always reaching for more.
I heard a global life coach say recently, the biggest key to happiness is progress. Everyone wants to feel they are getting somewhere, taking ground, moving on, getting breakthroughs.
Such an outlook in my mind is a good thing, but not without its dangers. We can so quickly forget where we have come from, forget all that God has already done for us. Forget who we are in Him, forget how faithful He is to us.

My word from God to me today is this verse from Philippians 3:16, taken from the NLT:

But we must hold on to the progress we have ALREADY made

One of the best, the biggest and the most powerful ways to do that is an attitude of gratitude, praise and thanksgiving.

As we reflect on Thy Kingdom Come today let’s make it a day of praise & thanksgiving.
Thank God for all those people around you, working with you, believing for you. Thank God for your family & your church family. Even if it’s tough at the moment, God will bring you through.

A big thank you to those who replied and responded yesterday to my eNews, and for those who sent in prayer requests – we are praying for you.

Please watch to this 5min message from Jasmine Yeboah as she encourages us into this journey.

God bless,

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