Thy Kingdom Come – Day 3

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

Day 3
Thy Kingdom Come

Every believer is a missionary. 

David Livingston once said: “God only has one Son and He was a missionary!”

God places some to work in His church, but most work in the marketplace, the hospitals, the schools, and some of the most challenging places in our hurting world.
Today we should realise what a massive privilege we have to walk with Almighty God, and know He’s walking with us.

Prayer is that connection point.

I think the biggest promise Jesus ever made was I will never leave you. This means that He is in that work place with us, both helping us and helping us to help them.

We often pray for our church leaders, let’s pray for those we know who work in the emergency services, in the hospitals and who live and work at the toughest end of people’s lives.

Pray for the community services and emergency services that function around your home or work place.

Jesus never once told us to build the church – He said that He would do that. But He did tell us to both seek the Kingdom and pray that this Kingdom would come.
The Kingdom comes into all the world around us.
We as His family can exert through our prayers and our bold witness His life-giving influence to those around us.

Watch this 5min video before you pray:

Tomorrow is Destiny United, join us for a remarkable evening of hope, power, healing and miracles with John Mellor at our Southside Location.

God bless,

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