Thy Kingdom Come – Day 6

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

Day 6
Thy Kingdom Come

Prayer – does it work?

A few years ago we featured in a BBC Documentary with the question of interest being ‘Does God answer prayer?‘.
They told our story of an unsolvable crime (our house break-in), Sue and me praying, the consequential leading of the Holy Spirit and the crime being solved, with all our stolen stuff returned plus the property of many other people who also had their things stolen at the same time.
The programme was leaning towards believing our story, but added in – was it just coincidence?
We can say with others, the more we pray, the more coincidences happen!!!
Prayer is a privilege, we can engage with a God who wants to engage with us and change our world.
Prayer is an opportunity, we are invited by Jesus, and then by Paul – to pray for all and everything we need.
Prayer is a journey, we have to learn how to pray. Some of us start off thinking that prayer is us spending time telling God what He already knows, and others think prayer is not asking for much at all but simply quietly reflecting and meditating.
Neither our meditating or reflections will change the world, might change us, but our specific, faith-filled, targeted praying will.

I find it’s best to keep prayers very simple. Clear as you can, so you are left in no doubt when you get a result
I prayed for ‘x’, and ‘x’ happened.
Maybe not as quick as I like, but I know for sure it works.
On occasions I get a surprise instant answer.
Like the time I prayed with a sceptical friend about an unsaleable house selling. We had agreed that if it sold after we prayed he would know that’s God. Well, it did sell, cash buyer within a week (He still thought it a coincidence).
I think we should fill our praying with praise, to a God who is so worthy, and big thanks for what He’s already done.
Prayer is a partnership, Jesus always encouraged us to pray with others. That’s why our growth groups and other small meetings are so important, that’s why you need fellowship.
Today we are also praying with millions of people around the world who are also in this 10 day prayer journey.
Listen to this short 5 min message from professor Tom Wright, and get a few focused minutes of prayer in:

Wasn’t last Sunday night so remarkable? And more happened after the meeting ended than in it!!
Healings, salvation, many baptised in the Holy Spirit.
Look forward to seeing you soon.

Why not check out our broadcast on TBN this week? We’re live this morning at 9am. Watch here!

Love you guys

Day 6 #Pray For
Archbishop Sentamu prayed for five people last year and was astounded by the result!

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