Thy Kingdom Come – Day 7

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

Day 7
Thy Kingdom Come

Just do it!!!

These words of course were made famous by Nike, who made it one of the most successful branding quotes of all time.

It was only a few years ago that I accidentally discovered who ‘Nike‘ was and why the company uses the famous tick as its logo.

We were visiting the famous city of Ephesus of Paul and Bible fame.
Even today it’s a great place to visit, and one can only imagine what it was like in those days.
Our guide stopped as we walked along the old streets, and pointed out an etching carved into the wall, ‘that’s Nike’ he said, ‘the goddess of victory‘ and sure enough, this ancient goddess’ symbol was very close to the simplified tick used by the sport brand today.
That wall etching would have been seen by Timothy and Paul – and the entire Ephesian church who walked by daily.
It’s in that great Epistle we read ‘with all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit’ (Eph 6:18).
We are not looking to the lesser gods of war, we are looking to the great God of Peace, the One who is above all others. The One who invites us to pray, promises to hear and get involved as we call on His Name.
Even the great prayer warriors feel they have never prayed enough, and so it’s true to say the rest of us all feel our prayer life isn’t what we think it should be, but you know what? Just do it!

Watch these 2 short messages, one from Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury) and then a young soldier named Lizzie Driver:

Day 7 #Help
Archbishop Justin Welby shares his story of being captured and threatened with death and turning to a traditional form of prayer, ‘Set prayers enabled me to meet with God in a way that my confused frightened own thoughts didn’t’.

Day 7 #Help
‘God is always with you no matter what.’

Then pray for 5 people today to know God – or perhaps come back to Him.

It works you know!

God bless,

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