Thy Kingdom Come – Day 8

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

Day 8
Thy Kingdom Come

Sacred Spaces

A few weeks ago I introduced which was for many a new concept, the idea of sacred spaces. We noticed how many places in the Old Testament were considered sacred spaces since God Himself was said to have met people there.
Then, God was so passionate about His people that He wanted to live amongst them. And so He instructed Moses to build the tabernacle. But because it was a sacred space, Moses had to build it exact and precise, in fact, according to the pattern God gave him.
Much ritual surrounded the tabernacle only because it was such a special, sacred space, and only the privileged few from the priesthood could enter.

The same was seen in Solomon’s temple, and also in the last temple which was the one around in Jesus’ day. In fact, this later temple had a wall specially designed to keep the gentiles – that’s people like you and me – out!

Yet today, we have become the sacred space, God lives in us. We are the temple, and as with all temples they should be full of adoration and worship.
In that moment and in that place, we move beyond simply believing in God, we focus on Him with adoring hearts, amazed at His love, lost in wonder at His might and majesty.

God is not only to be believed in, but He is to be adored and worshipped.

In so doing, we get past ourselves, beyond daily concerns and realise just how much God is, and is to be to us.

I remember as a kid having a conversation with some men in my family who were of the opinion that this kind of adoration or worship was a womanly, feminine thing, and wouldn’t even go there.
Yet the most famous person in the Bible for worship was King David, the giant killer, who won more battles than any other. And he in fact says he was victorious because of his worship.

Someone once said,
‘It’s not so much knowing that God rules and reigns – but which kind of God rules and reigns.’
Our God is good, full of mercy and loving kindness.
He is just and simply amazing.

Listen to this short podcasts or watch the video and then get some space and worship God like it was your first time.

God bless,

Day 8 #Adore
Reflections on what adoration means by the president of the Mothers Union, Sheran Harper, the Catholic Mission officer, Teresa Carvalho, and theologian, Tom Wright.

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