Thy Kingdom Come – Day 9

Pastor Andrew Owen

Dear eNews friends and church members, 

Day 9
Thy Kingdom Come


Next week we as a team are very involved with the National Prayer Breakfast for Scotland.
A morning when all kinds of politicians, national leaders and some international VIP’s gather for no other reason than to pray for our nation.

It’s a rare moment these days but one that is so important.

We could think that there’s so much to pray for but little cause for celebration.
Our nation seems to be in a divisive meltdown.

Yet, we of all people have so much to celebrate.
This weekend marks Pentecost, that moment when after ascending back into heaven, we are sent the Holy Spirit, and the world has never been the same again.

Filling our lives, empowering the church.
More people are coming to Christ daily today than at any other point in history.
The vast majority of that church is now filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. That has happened in the last 30 years.

The biggest churches in America are not the famous ones you have heard of, but the Spanish speaking ones that are much much larger.

More churches being planted in India, more Muslims claiming a Jesus encounter and even well known personalities like Jurgen Klopp are saying God is the most important thing in their lives.

And, our neighbours, friends and colleagues are really open for a spiritual conversation.

This Holy Spirit is God’s change in our hearts, bringing transformational power alongside the informational power of the gospel.

Today, take a few moments to listen to this short podcast and celebrate:


Day 9 #Celebrate
His Holiness Pope Francis’ message to the Church for Thy Kingdom Come 2019

Pray for 5 people today.

Join us Sunday as we come together to celebrate – going to be amazing!

Love you guys,

Day 9 #Celebrate
The Assistant Bishop of Toliara, Madagascar

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