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What Can I Expect?

Because we are one church in many locations, we team preach and teach. This means that all locations hear the same message/Word, and often on the same day. The encouraging message is brought to you most often by the local district pastor and/or the local leadership team and comes with a local flavour. On occasions, the message is by livestream. We also frequently welcome visiting speakers from near and far.

Andrew Owen is the Senior Pastor at Destiny Glasgow, and most often prepares the material for our preaching and teaching series.

The locations are of varying size and some are relatively new. All our morning locations meet at 11am and we then have one 5pm service in the evening at our Southside location:



West End




We own some of the buildings we use but rent or hire facilities in other places.

Most often each location will have their own live band for worship, and a vibrant kids ministry.

Although the locations vary in size, you can expect a warm welcome in them all, and a positive, life-giving experience.

We are reaching for 20 locations by the year 2020. Maybe you can help us start one?

Destiny Glasgow is one church expressing its life in many locations.

Several years ago, we outgrew our buildings and decided that we could best serve the city and our mission by adopting a multi-site approach to church.

This has many advantages.

  • We want to be closer. Glasgow is a very large city and we are passionate about all of it. A church alive may be worth the drive, but many just don’t have that option. So, we are becoming more accessible by becoming more local.
  • Room for you. We are called Destiny because we think everyone, including you, have a very unique and God-given purpose and destiny in life. Your destiny emerges when you discover your gifts and God-given abilities. Hosting more locations for church means that we require more leaders and volunteers. This means that there is room for you to find your place too!
  • A better fit for our main goal. We want to fulfil the commandment Jesus gave us. Which is to make disciples. We wish to take that instruction seriously and in a meaningful way. Discipleship is about living a real life, with real friends whilst walking with a real God.
Destiny United 

Every few months we bring everybody together for a Destiny United, which is always fantastic, and a place where you will want to bring your friends and family. Since presently, we don’t own a building big enough to hold us all, we usually hold Destiny United in the SECC Armadillo, or the Theatre Royal. 

Sunday nights

We livestream this service from our Southside location, and you will hear a different message to the one you heard in the morning. It has a full-on kids ministry, very vibrant worship in a beautiful theatre-style experience.

Doors open 4.45pm, meeting starts at 5pm, Livestream starts at 5.30pm.

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